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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Walking inside a Menger Sponge

At the contemporary art museum we saw contributions by Taiwanese architects to the Venice Biennale. I was particularly struck by the exhilarating experience of standing inside a Menger Sponge. The Sponge is a three dimensional fractal shape, a version of the Cantor set, which also gives rise to the 2D Sierpinski Carpet, which we have inside our cell phones. Electromagnetic waves have a fractal dimensionality so a fractal aerial picks them up better. (The bottom photo is a rough approximation of how you make one.)

The Sponge was part of an Life City, an exhibition on cities that would be open to the infinite diversity of life and existence, by Chu-yuan Lee.

It's cool for me because I've used Menger sponges in my work on strange strangers.

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