“Was not their mistake once more bred of the life of slavery that they had been living?—a life which was always looking upon everything, except mankind, animate and inanimate—‘nature,’ as people used to call it—as one thing, and mankind as another, it was natural to people thinking in this way, that they should try to make ‘nature’ their slave, since they thought ‘nature’ was something outside them” — William Morris

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Podcast about the New Blog Look

 I really really like it. 

Does anyone have a screenshot of the previous two versions? 

Anyone remember the duck-rabbit look from 2008? 

And how about the Black Lodge look from 2010 until last week? 

Anyway, if you sign up to my Patreon you can hear 20 minutes of me talking about a whole lot of stuff about this blog. 

Thank you for being part of this adventure! 

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Yes I'm Changing How This Looks

 ...do bear with me and also, await a full explanation of my behavior. 

Sunday, December 19, 2021

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Me versus Transhumanism

 "Transhumanism is a global scientific and philosophical movement whose followers seek to achieve a radical enhancement of humanity’s physical and intellectual capacities and strive to significantly improve the average human life expectancy, paving the way for us to one day attain immortality."

Oh dear. 

In Russia, tomorrow, zoom, transhumanists in the room, register here: 


New Term: ENGL 101 (Register and Tell a Friend)


This class is an ENGL class. I’m very good at ENGL. I’ve published 25 books in 13 languages. I do lectures around the world. I’ve worked with Björk and Pharrell Williams.

I get around. I've curated art shows in Barcelona and Marfa, TX and London. I’ve been cited over 14 000 times. I know how to read poems. 

But I’m not going to plead with you for one second to like “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.” 

I’m going to teach you that if you don’t study the nature of facts, you won’t survive in the modern world. 

This is the real STEM class. In the first five minutes of class one, you will understand why, and you will never forget it. 


Professor Timothy Morton
Spring Term, 2022
ABL 131
MWF 1:00pm to 1:50pm

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

The Longplayer Conversation with Denise Ferreira da Silva

 ...Denise is a favorite philosopher and a friend. This needs no explanation. Hosted by the ever amazing, ever gracious Gareth Evans. 


I Love This Q&A

 ...I've never watched this before. Just did. Someone was asking about my "shouty" phase. This was the clincher. 2012. Basically a lot of people said "You made me feel so anxious" and I was like, great, thanks, I wanted to do that. Also, "What the hell do you think you're doing?" and "No one will want to study this." Mentioning academic competition at the end was another big mistake lolol. 

I had just written Hyperobjects. I spent 15 six-hour days in the student coffee lounge writing that without notes. 

Laura Bowler, "Wicked Problems" uses Dark Ecology

 This piece won the RPS Award for small chamber composition. Here it is as part of a show to coincide with COP26. With a sample of me talking to boot! 

#COP26 eat your heart out: This Is a Love Song

 ...by Tamsin and the Primates. aka me :))))

I like me on female backing vocals. 

Sunday, November 7, 2021

My Hololabs Lecture

 "Symbiotic Politics." This was fun to do. 

I Really Like this Picture of "Broken Obelisk"

 ...in my street, outside the Rothko Chapel, dedicated to Martin Luther King. All kinds of dimensions open here. I took it yesterday. Suddenly, the image was right there. 

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Wild! with Sarah Wilson

 This was amazing. Fifty minutes of Tim going crazy with Australian actor and activist Sarah Wilson. Audience, 150 000! 

Radio Anthropocene interview

 This was so nice! Live and direct from Lyon.

Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Radio Anthropocene in 22 Hours

 You can stream it here. There's an interview with me, which I really enjoyed. Brilliant architect host. The collective of scholars and others they have assembled is inspiring and precious. 

This Is Still the Greatest

God wants sedition
God wants sex
God wants freedom
God wants semtex

Saturday, October 16, 2021

I Talk about My Favorite Books

 On the nicely named Shelf Awareness. Each paragraph is a mini class on the book in question, really. I put a lot of my feelings into this.