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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Artists, Geographers, Philosophers Respond to Climate Change (Video)

The Big Picture: Art, Efficacy, and Climate Change. Columbia College, Chicago, April 20 2011. Featuring Judy Natal, Alison Deming, William Fox, Diana Liverman, and Tim Morton. A splendid time was had by all. The symposium proper begins a few minutes into the video. The show begins at 24:00 minutes in. Sorry for the long lead in.

Tim's talk is the final one, then there is a roundtable discussion, featuring a question from Twitter (thank you sir).

JLiat makes an appearance!


Z said...

Yes! Tim, The talk was good. I've been watching the films of Jean Painlevé all day. Have you seen his film on the 4th dimension, or Sea Urchins, Liquid Crystals, Jelly Fish...

Nick Guetti said...

Nice talk! I'm glad you're using the uncanny valley thing.

Imagine Dungeons & Dragons World. Is "Druid" synonymous with "Necromancer", then?