Nature is not natural and can never be naturalized — Graham Harman

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mountains and Forests

Courtesy of Hannes Bergthaller. Top, early morning, Ching-Jing Nong-Chang.

He-Huan Shan

Trail to Qui-Lai

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forestmongrel said...

If you are still in Taiwan, I hope you have gotten a chance to walk around the edges of Taipei, or where 'hoods bump against parks.
Have you seen all the marginal gardens?
Built in the margins between houses, public and private, park and street, city and rural, sometimes in a walkway between a freeway and a housing complex.
Or just pirate gardens up in the mountains with bits of corrigated roofing draining rain water into buckets and soda bottles for irrigation?
A line of squashes along the fence of a metal swelter repairing tunnel drill?

I have found the urban and pirate gardens next to parks, homes and work places of the Taipei area to be more diverse and beautiful mixes of objects than similar gardens elsewhere.

Be well,