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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Palaeolithic Humans Surrounded by Sugar

HT Henry Warwick, but I'm afraid he's very very short on facts. I certainly resonate with the idea, knowing how much my amygdala flips out with bliss whenever I swallow something with cholesterol in it. Surely it was a good survival mechanism in an environment without much cholesterol. But like a lot of survivor mechanisms, it proves fatal when there's a different environment (the Anthropocene).

Strange, yes? The death drive latent in the survival mode really kicks in in a consumerist economy.

I recently read some evidence that Palaeolithic humans made bread. And I'm very happy to be a vegan right now. And so is the climate.

And he's flat wrong about flour milling. There were no mills until 1880? This guy is a joke. Another very good reason not to listen to scientists on (human) history. Did he ever read Chaucer?

Just because humans didn't get a lot of calories out of whatever they did, doesn't mean they didn't do it. We do a lot of energy expensive things.

This dude works in Fort Collins, next to Conagra, one of the biggest meat rendering facilities on Earth.

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