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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Thanks to My Hosts

They couldn't have been nicer:

At Chung-Hsing University there was Edward Hsu who chaperoned me all the way from Taipei; Kuei-fen Chiao who graciously invited me and organized the whole thing; the indefatigable Pei-chen Liao who oversaw the logistics; and of course Hannes Bergthaller, whose kindness and generosity extended from introducing me beautifully to taking me into the tea strewn mountains.

At Tungai University, Henk Vynck showed me around the beautiful campus and introduced my talk; and Serge Dreyer introduced me to some 30 year old tea and showed me around the old objects of Taiwan. And gave a beautiful book of his on Taiwanese antiques.

Thanks also to my kind audiences, faculty and students alike. It's been a blast.

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