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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

"There Is No Problem with X because We Don't Talk about It"

...this is pretty much how the UK does ideology. Insert anything for the X: homophobia, bullying...and the oil price crash. Today is the very first time I've heard the stock market woes linked to oil--oil mentioned at all, in fact--in all the weeks and weeks that this has been going on. Finally someone mentioned, very briefly, the price of Brent Crude. And all they said was that “people would normally react well to this falling price [!] but for some reason, because people are scared [I wonder what that other reason is?] they aren't."

It reminds me of 2008. They called it “the credit crunch” when in fact it might better have been called “terrifying meltdown of derivatives.” Credit crunch sounds like “blimey, I'm a bit short, you wouldn't happen to have a fiver on you?”

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