Nature is not natural and can never be naturalized — Graham Harman

Friday, January 8, 2016

Poor Moo Cows

This is uncanny global warming news.

Did you know some eco type people think that as part of a transition away from domestication we should let cows die off? To me, that's just wow. How can you think that?

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Anonymous said...

Moo cows should be genetically enhanced to reverse the deracination of the honorable Auroch and kitted out with photon beam horns and inheritable Titanium hooves with which to scrape up concrete to get at the sweet water beneath. What heaven's lattice man breaketh, a CRISPR may fixeth. Then release the Moo cows as charismatic angry vegans intent upon destabilizing the trophic pyramid. Actually my fellow Animal Law professor Davis Favre wrote a magnificent and prescient essay about the state of well-being of critters one year after a Constitutional Amendment granting liberty to critters was passed, which delineates just the scenario in the post. On the other hand, the mink liberators possibly did not know that the mink would slay each other once the cage doors were monkey wrenched open, but is that worse than a lifetime of confinement and anal electrocution? I quite like the Moo cow and am in favor care and cost shifting for the externalized cost of care onto extractors.