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Saturday, January 30, 2016

British Banks: Hinting Not too Subtly that They Want Deregulating such a typically British way: “I had to run you over, because you were crossing the road in the wrong place.”

MPs are opening their morning mail and discovering their bank accounts have been eliminated.

The letters will either say nothing or say that they are too much of a risk.

A bit of research by a plucky MP (Conservative, as it happens, doesn't matter) has show that they're over-applying a UN rule about money laundering! Like if you're a member of Parliament of some kind you are a greater risk because you might be laundering money.

What's amazing (see paragraph 1 for the reason) is that the BBC didn't immediately ask the banks “Why isn't this happening to any other member of any other government in Europe or America?” For that matter, it might in some cases be the exact same banks, that aren't treating any other customer anywhere else like that.

It's obvious what's happening when you hear the bank spokesperson: “Well, there are all of these regulations, hint hint, and we got fined $250 billion in the last few years, and you made all these new regulations, hint hint.”

They're needling British MPs to deregulate them and taking revenge for having been found out as the architects of the Great Recession.

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