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Friday, November 4, 2011

SIU Wrapup

Well, that couldn't have been better if it had tried. It was anarchistic poetry in motion. Super funky space to respect the strike action going on, which turned out to be the best possible space to do a conference called Philosophy and Waste. Some kind of free space downtown, just open to creative politicized people. There was a cement mixer in there! The heater had a vibrancy all its own, which the OOO-ist in me loved. I mean this thing was a caged beast that growled.

But the best was the magic atmosphere as the sun went down. Someone had twined pink fairy lights around the central column. There was a bright, bright spot on me, who was talking behind a lectern made of a circular piece of drywall and a brick. It was incredible, magical.

It was right up there with the De Paul experience and that is really, really saying something. I found myself thinking aloud in a way that can only be joyful when you do it.

And I realized that somehow I feel right at home talking to philosophers. It's like swimming in water, if you're a fish. In English lit, which I'm good at and I love, don't get me wrong, there is a little bit of static from the extra information involved. With philosophy I can just cut to the chase.

Also it gave me the chance to road test two pieces of the book Hyperobjects that I've never shared with anyone. 

It was an immensely good day and I took masses of notes. In particular, the Zero Waste movement is something I need to investigate because the basic philosophy is object-oriented for sure.

Many many thanks to Nick Smaligo and to George Schedler for hosting me. Now I get to enjoy another 2 1/2 hour car ride motormouthing with Nick back to St. Louis tomorrow morning.

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