Nature is not natural and can never be naturalized — Graham Harman

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Urban Land Project

By Tim Simmons. Very interesting idea. Huge billboards with photos of textures of nonhuman spaces. I wonder how much they are a cry of the heart in a heartless world—haunting reminders of the yonder of Nature within artifice. Maybe I'm reading them wrong. And I've only just started to see them. HT Sam Scott (@bigsagacity).


Christopher Schaberg said...

I think I'd rather see a billboard that is a big empty frame—and just as much revealing its contents to be nonhuman. But that's just me. Nothing against streams, moss, and waterfalls.

Anonymous said...

Its a bit like the end scene of Soylent green isn't it (nature images in world gone mad as an euthanasia extra) and I hear they are remaking that film, but why bother. Tim, enjoyed your book the Ecological Thought, will be re-reading it as tackling phd art enquiry into nature on screen - I like how you encourage artists into this area but see trouble ahead as find it hard enough to work out the settings on my camera :-(