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Monday, November 21, 2011

The Silence

My friend Jeremy Braddock (Cornell) and I were talking about how effective and genuinely disturbing the silence is in this video.


Henry Warwick said...

Indeed. And it seems things might get a bit quieter around UCD if Katehi doesn't quit, viz:


Jairus Victor Grove said...

It reminded me of the final scene from the Birds where Tippy Hedron is walked in a daze to the car while as a viewer you can't help but scrutinize every bird looking for the one that will start the frenzy. Of course the frenzy never comes. I think this was a political event Hitchcock would have been proud of. Depriving the Chancellor of her fantasy of the violent activists was the truly horrifying act.

Timothy Morton said...

That would suck, IMO, Henry. The only people punished would be students. Why collectively punish all of us for what a few people did?

Timothy Morton said...

Another way to look at it: NYU is a high handed private school with an attitude. I'm supposed to feel grateful that in solidarity with me they refuse to show? Fuck that.