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Monday, December 8, 2008


I'm getting a solar oven for the family this holiday season. Not that the cloudly, misty Central Valley weather looks like it'll support it until about May, but oh baby, when the rain switches off (it really does seem to be a pretty digital set up here in Davis), around April time till October, it'll be time to cook! I got the oven from Solar Cookers International, an outfit that distributes ovens in Kenya and Zimbabwe. When I was in Tibet I saw a lot of them.

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Solar Cooker at Cantinawest said...

Congratulations on becoming a member of a unique and fun group of people,more specifically those who enjoy the fun and adventure of the art of solar cooking.

It has been quite exciting and thrilling for our kids to see what the power of the sun can accomplish with cooking any kind of food they can think of.

Good luck with your own adventures.

Nathan Parry