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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

350—the magic number

Watch, learn and be horrified by this speech by the CEO of a major, major coal corporation. He is a global warming denier who thinks that if you disagree with him, you are an atheist and a communist. Then read this essay by Bill McKibben. James Hansen, the original global warming congress-testifier, is back with a news-you-can-use number: 350. That's the parts per million to which we need to reduce CO2 if we are to have a chance of limiting the catastrophe that has already begun. We are currently at 385 and rising.

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Laura said...

Ok. So imagine a world where global warming does not exist. What about the unbelievable destruction to water, soil and habitat coal mining does? Mountain top removal is displacing Appalachian communities. Silt from coal mining is filtering into New Mexico's water source. I have seen and spoken to the people in these communities. Coal mining is not okay. Don Blankenship is wrong and ignorant. Coal mining is not helping our economy or our financial system.