Nature is not natural and can never be naturalized — Graham Harman

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Just published an essay called “Ecologocentrism” in the theory journal SubStance, a special issue edited by Dimitris Vardoulakis called “The Political Animal.” I'll try to summarize it here in the next post or two as best as I can—the main point is, the term “animal” is pretty much bankrupt at this point. And as for “the animal question”—which is how some philosophers like to put it—well, that just sounds way too much like “the Jewish question” for me.

You can get the essay online on JSTOR if you have access to it.

The issue contains essays by Slavoj and Cary Wolfe. Slavoj expresses his liking for Ecology without Nature. This is good for me, since I wrote it thinking all the while of Zizek's brilliant way of showing what you think of as B as really a distorted version of A. In my case, Nature and capitalist ideology...

Derrida fans/enemies should recognize the nod to the recently departed sage (peace be with him).

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Hugh McGuire said...

Hey Tim,

Funny I was just having an email convo about Heidegger's Question Concerning Technology/and my feeling that we are in need of an updated Question Concerning Digital Technology.

The email debate turned on just this question:
-whether Heidegger meant humans must be in awe of "nature" (ie trees, sky, waterfalls etc) ... -or whether the real question is about our place in the universe, as part of nature...

anyway, glad to see you are blogging ... & such interesting stuff.