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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Museum of Non-Visible Art

I'm going to suggest the hyprobject global warming:

Dear MONA Friend and Patron of the Non-Visible Arts,

There is only TWO DAYS LEFT of this project. It has been an incredible summer!
After the kickstarter project ends, many of these works will no longer be available at all, and some of them will be at higher prices as well.
This is just the beginning of this project, there will be more news, more exhibits, a new website and lots of other titilating treats.
So if you have a friend in need of a baby giraffe, or endless youth and wealth (golden stone), this may be the last chance to get it.  Or maybe you want to advise your boss at work to get one, don't you think all bosses should have non-visible art works in their office?
Thank you again for all your support.
The Kickstarter Link to the project is here

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