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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Caputo on Hägglund

This new essay by John Caputo on Martin Hägglund is pretty neat. HT Dirk Felleman.

In my view it presents a certain deconstruction, and a certain logic of deconstruction, but in an abridged edition of Derrida cut to fit the new materialism, all scrubbed up and sanitized, nothing written in the margins, deconstruction as logic not écriture.

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ej said...

The link didn't work. I cut off the %120 at the end of the URL linked to and it worked (so the URL would be

Also, this is really good to see. There's a kind of roboticism to Hagglund's data that just sucks all the life and richness out of the text. I'm glad to see Caputo come back swinging.