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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bobby George on Handedness

...while making curry just now I sliced enough off of the top of my right finger to require some gauze. So typing has suddenly become, shall we say, Vorhanden...

Bobby George has a marvelous post up about how simple it is to change one's mind, by changing the had one writes with. I am a lefty in any case and I wonder whether some of my weird ideas are simply from having had to negotiate my way around a right-handed world.

Unless you are left handed you just won't know this, but even something like screwing in a screw become a strange adventure. I find it easiest to do if I can turn what I'm screwing upside down for instance...

Mind is not something that lives in the “cabinet” of our heads, but something that is “out there” somehow.

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Anthea Wilson said...

Being a lefty myself, I recognise the issues of living in a right-handed world. I like your use of the metaphor cabinet - not come across that before.