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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Anonymous Comment on Depression

...which seems appropriate. I can't post it because of my rule about stating names, but I'll transcribe it here, as it's well done:

I find it's like being frozen by a chilling view out of a window and stuck in the landscape that stretches out infinitely before you, and it takes you a while to realize that you have another dimension of movement that allows you to step past the window and move on.

What I particularly like about this description is that it's about a certain kind of artwork: a landscape painting, and the aesthetic screen that goes with it (the window). Indeed paintings code for how to see them, in the same way. It's so compelling that you can't tear yourself away. In my description the window would be the “ice” quality. This is the way in which the significance of the depression is very ambiguous or very cryptic.

Depression is a kind of coexistence with a certain kind of object that compels you. It draws you into itself.

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