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Monday, December 7, 2015

Three Secrets: Secret 1

Oh, I so can't resist any longer. Dominic Boyer and I are going to publish a short something to do with it anyway, fairly shortly, might as well know this secret I've been holding.

The anthropologist Dominic Boyer and I are writing a book. It is a sequel to Hyperobjects and it'll be published by Open Humanities Press (free PDF!). It is called, wait for it wait for it:



And it's going to be the most Deleuze-Guattari-style book since Anti-Oedipus. Even beyond Anti-Oedipus in form. Luckily one of the series editors, Claire Colebrook, is a mega Deleuzian and loves what we're gonna do.

One clue: this will be a book that, eventually you will be able to write hahahahaha

Actually the full title is



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