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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Fragonard in the Anthropocene

I can't stop visualizing this image by Ultragramme that Bétonsalon have been using at the top of their page for Coworkers: Beyond Disaster (lecture tomorrow at 3!). It's got this crazy rococo Fragonard quality to it, clouds of human flesh, this erotic luxury eco-artifice. It's wonderfully confusing of the standard categories and it's right on the money as far as playing with the idea of humans as a geophysical force on a planetary scale, aka humans in God mode (and this is the title of the work: God Mode). And the way the booted ferns just sort of poke out of the flat picture plane, like they're not exactly growing out of the nipply-human-flesh-and-carbon-emissions cloud, more like they've been sewn in or are stitched to something behind the picture. It's fantastic.  Look:

Hyperobjects by Ultragramme: God Mode

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Unknown said...

Nice! Fragonard, but also a big dollop of Correggio' Jupiter and Io.