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Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Current State of Play vis a vis Gender, Roughly

“I am my own paparazzo and I can do anything to anything, including my own body, which is a blank screen. I am a man circa 1789.”

A thing said, roughly, by women and blokes alike at this point.

AKA: the feminist project is so not over. Interesting piece in the Times today, roughly in the region me and my psychoanalyst mum were talking about the other day:

“SO far the gender revolution has been a one-sided effort. Women have entered previously male precincts of economic and political life, and for the most part they have succeeded. They can lead companies, fly fighter jets, even run for president.

But along the way something crucial has been left out. We have not pushed hard enough to put men in traditionally female roles — that is where our priority should lie now. This is not just about gender equality. The stakes are even higher. The jobs that many men used to do are gone or going fast, and families need two engaged parents to share the task of raising children.”

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cgerrish said...

Just think, some day everyone will be able to be a blank screen on which they can project selfies. You can see how "attunement" challenges the pure unfettered will of projection. One seems to embody "freedom," while the other is a slave to the real.