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Sunday, November 29, 2015

"No More Baby Parts"

Ted Cruz, Republican senator for my benighted state, his eyebrows almost meeting at an obtuse angle to demonstrate his caring sincerity, said that it would be wrong, even left-wing, to jump to conclusions about terrorism in the case of the Colorado Planned Parenthood shooter.

“No more baby parts!" is what you shout when you want to scare an organization and people who use that organization into stopping...

Stopping what? Something that they are not doing. Something that they have been framed for, most notably by ... (drum roll) Ted Cruz, at the spearhead of a huge wave of Congressional Republicans.

Also, in general, the "lone wolf" thing about the right wing terrorist proves a few things.

1. Patriarchy is everywhere and some people really get behind the most aggressive messaging--you don't have to form a team, you just stand up to the patriarchal plate.

2. The "he was acting alone" thing is itself a terrorist excuse. Groups can be distributed in time and space. Like, a series of shooters, one every few months, adding up to the several dozen who've basically said they are social Darwinist herd cullers. It's like how Accenture do things. They send in a single consultant at a time.

(2) is an interesting thing. It sort of shows that these shooters are parts of a hyperobject, no?

Also, Cruz dude, even if the guy is who you say he is, his action was right wing misogynist terrorism. It so doesn't matter one little bit who he thinks he is, or who we think we know he is.

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