“Was not their mistake once more bred of the life of slavery that they had been living?—a life which was always looking upon everything, except mankind, animate and inanimate—‘nature,’ as people used to call it—as one thing, and mankind as another, it was natural to people thinking in this way, that they should try to make ‘nature’ their slave, since they thought ‘nature’ was something outside them” — William Morris

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

More Quantum Biology

Told ya...I am, as many of you who've read Realist Magic know, fascinated by quantum theory and its implications for causality theory (the fact that reality isn't a mechanism in any sense whatsoever). So this is really really nice. It adds to the other quantum-theoretical events that happen including the detail of how photosynthesis works.

I think Schrödinger's What Is Life? is due for a dusting and a nice new test drive, don't you?

This is all happening because of my awesome Ph.D. student Derek Woods--watch out world, he is coming!!

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Yusef Asabiyah said...

It is wonderful to discover this body of work. I look forward to catching up on what you're doing here. Thanks.