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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Simple Way to Determine the Correct Recommended Daily Amount of Sugar in a Product

Soft drink companies are resisting FDA plans to put the percentage of the recommended daily amount of sugar on products, as opposed to grams per serving (the gram being a unit Joe Average USA has no clue about). For the sake of reference, one can of Coca Cola contains 130% of that amount, I believe.

But I think there's an easier way to determine this amount. It's simple. The recommended daily amount should be:

That amount which, on live TV, the CEO of the soft drink (or other) company is prepared to consume in a single sitting.

“Coca Cola can be part of a balanced daily diet.” [actual quotation by actual big person during London Olympics, sponsored by Coca Cola]

“Fantastic. Okay. Here are eight cans of cola. Drink them.”

“Well...perhaps we shouldn't get carried away here.”

“Oh, okay. Seven. Drink seven.”


“Fair enough. Six. Go on. Drink.”


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