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Saturday, December 8, 2012

British Parents

I read that British parents are better, in the Huffington Post, because Brits don't tolerate bullies and know the value of discipline.

Whenever I hear "I don't tolerate bullies" I expect the speaker to be a bully... Bullying is rampant in UK schools.

You have to know generosity before you learn to discipline. The Brits skipped a step there.

Show me a Brit who comes to your door with a tray of cookies when you have just moved in.

There's a reason why generosity is the first Buddhist virtue, and discipline comes second.

When I return to the UK I see behavior in supermarkets that would get you arrested over here--behavior to small children. Shouting, smacking, threatening. Constantly.

I recently figured out that I liked my friend Sam (who died) in large part because of his protectiveness to small people.

I would now gladly go back in time and beat seven shades of unholy crap out of the people who molested my five year old dad.

I take this to mean that I am now American...happily...


Paul Reid-Bowen said...

Of course, it may be a passive aggressive tray of cookies that are brought to your door.

Timothy Morton said...

...but it's delicious passive aggression!