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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Atavism and Prepperism

This piece on preppers is interesting, and I've seen the National Geographic show a few times.

I remember being on retreat in Crestone next door to some preppers who started talking quite "innocently" (at least innocently enough) to their lodger about how to shoot a bear. 30 minutes later it was what part of the black man's head to aim for when the looters come from the big city after civilization collapses...

I have a theory. Prepping is only consciously oriented to an apocalyptic future. In reality, it is an atavistic reaction to a world that has already ended (Anthropocene, hyperobjects--and let's not forget, America ceasing to be a frontier pioneer white settlers against everyone else in a circle). It's a reaction to an apocalypse that has already occurred.


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Unknown said...

Yes! Also like the childhood game of "what I would do if I were in a car accident/ being tortured for information/ lost my eyesight...etc. We all want superpowers. It's funny though because a co-worker of mine is so country that he feels ready without prepping. I'm thinking I should tell him everything I know