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Friday, August 31, 2012

Lucy Bleach, ASLEC-ANZ (Liveblog)

“Site Fidelity.”

Any talk is good that starts with the Llolando scene, singer/dying lady in Mulholland Drive. This just did.

Belonging and not belonging. Harness made for a pigeon out of a bra strap. Video of its flight. An extraordinary strobing blur. Having to do with flapping, I'd wager.

Homing. To belong, to be emotional, to navigate tenuous places and experiences. Domestic grottoes of pigeons. Mass liberations. Releasing birds to fly home.

Thierry de Duve, Ex Situ, 1993: “Sculpture in the last twenty years is an attempt to reconstruct the notion of site from the standpoint of having acknowledged its disappearance.”

Iteration Again, Sept. to Oct. 2011. Tasmania. Temporary interventions or responses to public sites.

Hobart non-space yet it doesn't reflect placelessness. Arterial links between diverse clubs and shops and cafes. Art work as fluctuating proposition of ownership for a month. Moonah Homing Pigeon association. Research layers of care, attention, organization.

Site Fidelity is used to describe migrating birds who return to the same breeding ground.

Purple neon sign of pigeon in flight. Delivery of set of precast concrete steps. Delivered by a truck that does a 24 point turn. Steps simulate entrance to imaginary private space. People gather on steps.

Second truck delivers a clothing bin. Visitors deposit unwanted clothing. Feathering the temporary nest.

Edward Casey, Remembering.

Stitch Group helps to make a special cloak out of the donated clothes.

Lament: nostalgia is a sadness without an object. It's inauthentic, remaining behind and before that experience. Always ideological. (hmmm)

The past of nostalgia is always fictional and lacking (Susan Stewart)

Many fanciers know every single bird in their loft. Fanciers experienced a moment when the bird did not return, and became more detached in their naming of the future birds.

The cloak will be worn by an incredible singer who will sing laments in the laneway. To feel grief and know it sits in a place with belonging. Rebecca del Rio--the singer in Mulholland Drive. She invited her!

OMG this Lucy is my hero.

The song, “Crying,” in Portuguese (Roy Orbison).

Then the truck returns to remove the steps, leaving the neon sign.

Bachelard on nests.

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