Nature is not natural and can never be naturalized — Graham Harman

Friday, September 28, 2012

SLSA Liveblog 8: Derek Woods

“Molecular Poetics and the Scales of Oil: Marina Zurkow’s Necrocracy,” SLSA (”Nonhuman”), Milwaukee, September 27–29, 2012

the children in hazmat suits
industrial catastrophe
dynamic sublime
scaled down hazmat suits layered with cuteness; precious and horrible like the girl in The Exorcist
Necroracy is ironically not apocalyptic; cataplexis as cartoon hydrocarbons; ambient poetics that collapses figure and ground
molecular scale as absent presence that fills the atmosphere with hydrocarbon voices
chemical substrates of the military industrial
Barthes on plastic: the myth of processing everything
this creates lots of black boxes that make this infinite plasticity fantasy become weird and strange
limit case of processing: any input >> any output
Star Trek replicators
ideological function of plasticity
Mesocosm Wink, Texas
realism plus manipulated scale effects
looping in a separate room, the only piece that uses visual perspective
nothing is the “right” size
nonhuman scales haunt around the edges
Haldane on insects
Tim Clark on noncartographic scale: not a smooth moving in and out
scale variance
we need scales outside our scale mesocosm
Powers of 10 movie
Mesocosm movie: sinkhole as portal into geological time
Neo/Geo: black boxes with distorting mirrors: juncture of deep technics and deep time

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