Nature is not natural and can never be naturalized — Graham Harman

Friday, August 31, 2012

Clive Hamilton (ASLEC ANZ Liveblog)

Heidegger. Newton's view changed how the world was seen. Newton's law of motion. Bodies are indifferent to location. “Every place is like every other, each moment is like any other” (Heidegger). This new way of viewing the world was possible only because of a prior decision to privilege clarity and distinctness as the most fundamental criteria for the existence of a thing. Duns Scotus (Catherine Pickstock's argument). Being as an object; also redefines knowledge as that which is distinct, subordinate to the human subject. No deeper quality of reality to be known.

Vs Thomist being as something with unknowable and unanalysable depth.

The age of the world picture. The blue planet image was not a break from tech but tech affirmation: “we can see the Earth as a whole system.” Humanity's ability to free itself from the constraints of Earth. As a system, Earth becomes a graspable entity. Nothing with unknowable and unanalysable depth. Lovelock: Earth as cybernetic system, defensive; we should only imagine it to be alive.

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