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Friday, August 31, 2012

Linda Williams Liveblog (ASLEC ANZ)

Contemporary visual culture, its banality, its cheesiness. Consider some questions around the role of art in response to this predominantly visual culture.

Response of art in late 60s and early 70s, despite postmodernism.

Robert Smithson's reclamation project for a vast mining pit in Utah.

Joseph Beuys idea of social sculpture: art as a process of social transformation. Piece called I Like America and America Likes Me. Spent a few days with a coyote in a gallery in NYC. Saw coyote as a messenger, totemic animal. He used several issues of the WSJ as toilet paper for the animal and slept with it in a bale of straw.

Bonita Ely. River Punch 1980. Got polluting elements and did a cheesy cooking demonstration of stinking punch...

Jill Orr, Bleeding Trees.

Peter Dombrovskis, photo of Rock Island Bend, Franklin River Tasmania. Photo as part of campaign to stop the damming.

Spatial Dialogues Project, Melbourne 2012. Hidden trade in water worldwide. A piece called Drowned World.

Earthrise 1968

John Quigley Melting Vitruvian Man 2011

Drowning polar bear image. 350 art. Community, collaborative art.

Mark Wilson and Brinda Snaebjorndottir, HEAT: Art and Climate Change
documenting all the taxidermied bears they can find.
There are loads of stuffed polar bears in Australia. Put in crates: you look into a crate at it.

Olafur Eliason, The Weather Project (Tate Modern 2003–2004). 

Ha Ha, Nuage Vert (Helsinki 2010). As people turned off their appliances they could see the cloud changing.

Flooded McDonalds, Superflex.

Tony Lloyd, We Have All the Time in the World (2008)

Jill Orr, Southern Cross

Sam Leach Granrojo (2008); inscription on jellyfish

Hubert Drupat, The Idea of the Animal (2006)

Jazmina Cinimas female werewolves. From The Idea of the Animal (2006)

2112: Imagining the Future show. Kenji Yanobe, Atom Suit Series (2003). Out of his mouth come Buddhist sutras and Boddhisattvas around him with actual geiger counters. Holding a staff with a crystal in which to see the future.

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