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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Want Not: Tonkinwise and Pinkus on Sustainability

Song Dong, Waste Not

“Want Not: A Dialogue on Sustainability with Images”: Cameron Tonkinwise and Karen Pinkus have this excellent dialogue up in World Picture 5, elegantly illustrated.

A sustainable future cannot be just a peacefully, resource efficient, clean and shiny once-and-for-all world. To sustain humans, it must contain its own challenges, its own diversities, its own changing dynamic.

I enjoy the use of Heidegger. He's brought in to underwrite the idea of openness to upgrades, repair, and and maintenance in urban to live in a world of broken tools.


Henry Warwick said...

you don't have to build that complexity in - it comes for free. If you try to build a shiny new world, it will tarnish and create its own complexity.

Joe Clement said...

I love this kind of stuff. You hear so much about productivity and manufacturing as magic bullets to damn near everything. I have spoken about the desirability if not the necessity of switching to a maintenance economy on my radio-show, but there is very little already digested economic literature on maintenance-oriented divisions of labor.