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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Vegan Update: Nuts, Oh Nuts

I'm sitting on the edge of a kitchen chair holding an enormous bag of walnuts.

Just be careful what you dream of, that's all I say. I'm a big believer in collective meals and groups and sharing, and eat together with my crew every day. But in the last few days, I find myself not really eating lunch, in a sit down way, but simply perching with a bag of nuts. I have become the object of my fascinated horror.

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sodapopinski51 said...

After the Gabriel Giffords assasination attempt by Jared Laughtner, this issue of 'madness' cropped into the public domain (and madness seemed to have a negative connotation for the person who pulled the trigger, but not for the Palin-rhetoric that may have placed the thought in the gunman's fragile mind... ) Why do you think when something like that happens people scapegoat the lower classed madman, but not the upper class madman (or in this case a madwoman).. and do you offer any solutions to this issue?