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Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Deleuze Sale at Target is Now On!

Thanks to Peter Gratton, I was able to visit Target today, where I checked out the following fantastic new items, all designed by Gilles Deleuze:

Memory foam (he may have stolen the idea from Bergson's original bedding design)
The Thousand Plateaus memory foam mattress
The Rhizome Probehead, a vacuum cleaner with detachable nozzles
The Cozmic Nomad, a robot vacuum cleaner
Faciality, the new skin cream for men
Refrain! A great party game for all the family
Time Crystals. Just pop one in your toilet and let the magic begin
Spinoza, the all purpose gel: it's a cleaner, it's a pet's chew toy, it's a deity

There were so many products it was hard to keep track. Can you recall any?

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Christopher Schaberg said...

Personally, I'm dying to get the "Tensor" vibrating toothbrush, a steal for $9.99. (And don't forget that "Intensive" toothpaste to go along with it—makes one's teeth tingle!)