Nature is not natural and can never be naturalized — Graham Harman

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Why OOO and Cixous' Fur Coat Come in for It

I was just proofreading when I came across this:

A weird thing is a strange loop, what some of us call “an object.” Thus it is looked down on by the constructivist spokespeople of anti-art, which is also an anti-products movement—the dominant mode of high art since the inception of the Anthropocene. The idea is to create the ultimate anti- product, because, in the words of one sound artist, “I love listening to noise music because I can’t remember any of it.” On this view, good art is a kind of spinach, rather formless and nasty, and good for you. Heavens no, not the sugary pop objects, not the sparkly things made of beauty and sadness—keep them away! Better to make a disgusting thing that turns everyone off instantly, or write a manifesto about how making things always ends with a sellout. You can see why people have trouble with OOO, calling it a version of commodity fetishism, and you can see why people have trouble with Cixous’ fur coat. And with the radical nonutil- ity of Kantian beauty.

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