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Monday, March 14, 2016

Do It, England: Make My Ex-Pat Day

"Do it, England," as Claudius says in Hamlet. Actually it's more like I almost want you to do it, just to learn a thing or two about the last two hundred years of world history.

I'm talking about the fantastically ugly-sounding Brexit--almost as ugly as what will happen. For those of us living elsewhere, it's like, wow.

Please realize that your "presence on the world stage" is already--well let's just say it's more like Rosencrantz than Hamlet.

Roughly it will be equivalent to something like the presence of California, without the everything, despite what gets said all the time in Pravda, I mean on the BBC. They even have a sense of irony, and it's kind of ironic that you can't detect it...

The trouble with winning all those wars is, there's a not great side effect--one ends up thinking one is right. And right means the kind of thing that resulted in being on the losing side of all those revolutions.

And you do know the only reason this is happening, right? It's because of some Tory leader guy's power mode pertaining to his own party.

Go right ahead. We'll bring popcorn.

To my actual UK friends: sorry for this Schadenfreude-ish tone. I'm just hoping that someone will copy and paste some of this in various places.

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