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Sunday, November 29, 2015

In Paris

So I'm sitting in my hotel at FIAC, what an amazing hotel, honestly. Right behind Les Invalides, wow. Anyway--iTunes tells me that I need to listen to this. So I do.

One of the things that the ecological emergency (here comes COP21) and incidents like the shootings in Paris do is crush our ability to fantasize. Anything, anything to restart that. I think that's what Interstellar is mostly about. The first half of this tune works pretty good as a restart mechanism, no?

I'm a sucker for pararhyme, which is where the consonants stay the same-ish and the vowels change. It's such a subtle, and in this case quite sexy, effect. Wilfrid Owen uses it to send chills down your spine but these guys are using it to make you feel nice.

Paris / promise / on it


I love how this tune begins. I love the horsey-trotty beats and the nice tonic triad inversion of that jaunty little keyboard line, tracking the bass. Very tasty. Later, it sort of deteriorates into something like a Fischerspooner-like dirge, which is a shame. If it was me I would've broken out the 303 : )

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