Nature is not natural and can never be naturalized — Graham Harman


Aggregated here for your convenience.

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Part 5     Part 6     Part 7     Part 8

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Bethe said...

Aggregator. . . There is this Theravada Buddhist philosophy of the five aggregates, all of which encompass an individual's moment-to-moment experiences (Form, Feeling, Perception, Formations, and Consciousness) but yet are "Not Self". Each of the PhD "aggregates" here are so valuable for the process and remind me that Ph.D. is valuable process by importantly "Not Self."

Sending my students here! Thank you.

P.S. Took five tries to pass the visual image "I'm not a robot" test. Edges of a sign bled into two "wrong" boxes. This is what Ph.D. did to me. KISS works everywhere but school, especially on tests.