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Monday, December 26, 2016

Reviewing the Year

UPDATE: 27 essays! Some of these I had totally forgotten until this morning lol, because I've been so busy.

I realized this was the second most intense year for lectures. I did 27. 2012 was the most intense, with 31. And I published 25 essays; 2015 was the most intense but only just (26). And I finished 2 books, accumulated 350 000 air miles, taught 5 classes (one extra), regular Ph.D students and regular university business. No wonder I've been doing a lot of resting in the last few days.

Actually I have no idea whether 25 is the final essay tally. I've been so busy that today and yesterday I found out that I'd completely forgotten about two of them!

So I'm uploading quite a few versions of recent essays to if you're interested.

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