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Friday, October 2, 2015

Disco Deep Ecology

Daniel Birnbaum, the excellent curator of the Moderna Museet, and excellent Husserlian, told me a very interesting story. There is a relationship between Arne Naess, founder of deep ecology, and Diana Ross, via a relation of his also called Arne Naess....!

So I figure that's what I am: I'm a Diana Ross Deep Ecologist. Disco Deep Ecology.

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Anonymous said...


I don't see you as "disco". More "psychedelic/garage experimental avant-garde prog-rock ambient trip-hop electronica". But maybe that's just me projecting my aesthetic preferences on a discrete being. Not very EcoSynthetic of me, is it?

Do you like British blues, or British folk-rock? I'm wondering if we also have that in common. Zeppelin keeps coming back with me, no matter how I try to cultivate anti-commercial boredom with them. Robert Plant's new stuff is brilliant and steampunkish. And if you haven't listened to Richard Thompson's contemporary stuff, you REALLY should: Celtic doom & gloom powered by snarling Notting Hill roughneck leads on a single-coil guitar (he was the only Brit in the 60s who played a Strat, because he WANTED a cold, barbed-wire tone).

By the way, just listened to Björk's Vespertine & I love it. Really liked Biophilia too. Very warm and depth-charged: booms from deep below the surface, realized as tremors up our spine. More Massive Attackey than some of her other work, I'd say.