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Saturday, July 26, 2014

"The Real Physical World"

Spot the metaphysical assumption

It can be stated thus: quantum phenomena are effects of measurement. 
<< to measure is to make real 
= correlationism

>> Bohr: “There is no quantum world.”

This ontology has already been decided on, then erased, before the argument even gets off the ground. 

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Derek Woods said...

There's a strange idealism in that article. The author takes Bolotin's point to mean that there is a scale restriction on quantum superposition. But the author's summary of Bolotin's work only says that it's impossible to solve Schrodinger's equation for objects with more than a certain number of particles. So the conclusion seems to be, if we can't solve the equation or conduct rigorous experiments on these objects, then they can't really be in superposition. This seems to a confusion of science and reality.