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Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Trouble with Doctors

Can you and your staff please try to be as polite and professional as I am with my students? I'm fed up with being treated like a second class citizen, being asked to spell my name brusquely by brusque receptionists ("Say again"), and on and on and on. Misdiagnosed and not apologized to--am I really going to sue you if you say sorry? Would it hurt just to act a little tiny bit less overempowered?

I'd be hauled into the Dean's office if I treated my students like you and your staff treat me.

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Anonymous said...

Not apologizing for misdiagnosis is horrendous. (i.e. the receptionist at the hospital who told my partner he was just stressed & to breathe into a paper bag and refused to send an ambulance --all while his aortic artery was tearing toward his kidneys....) When I later asked for an apology, I got none but this: "we're only human"--as if being human is o.k. in the first place. Blah. Fucking vivisectionists anyway :)