“Was not their mistake once more bred of the life of slavery that they had been living?—a life which was always looking upon everything, except mankind, animate and inanimate—‘nature,’ as people used to call it—as one thing, and mankind as another, it was natural to people thinking in this way, that they should try to make ‘nature’ their slave, since they thought ‘nature’ was something outside them” — William Morris

Sunday, July 7, 2013


Ed moved to Colorado, after I had left--too bad for me! But nice for him no doubt, good for you sir.

Before that he lived on Wimbledon Common, right opposite the Hand pub. Oh the evenings outside on the lawn. That was very much the Colorado of Wimbledon, right old friends?

This might be one of the best mysterious chill tracks they've ever done. Look at that nice photo of my old mate Zia the bassist, with whom I used to play songs such as "Twine Snipper."

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