Nature is not natural and can never be naturalized — Graham Harman

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Object-Oriented Ontology and Ideology

David Wiesner rewrote The Three Little Pigs. In this version, the pigs escape from the book by somehow exiting the page. They find themselves in a curious interstitial space populated with other characters. They bring a dragon back to their world and defeat the wolf. What can we learn from this about our ideological and ecological situation? One is that when we exit from our ideological “world” with its familiar contours, we are still somewhere. Isn’t this the lesson of those interstitial moments in David Lynch movies, in which we see a transition between seemingly coherent worlds? These transitional spaces are not just a void. Maybe philosophy and ideology only thinks these spaces as voids from within a certain kind of philosophical or ideological framework. OOO and Buddhism share something very interesting. They both hold that the interstitial space between things is not a blank void. In fact, it’s charged with meaning, even with causality.
--Realist Magic 

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Jk Bird said...

Here, Quantum Mechanics could be seen as an ideology upgrade (or maybe downgrade, resulting in humility, getting closer to the earth). Even in quantum vacuums, there is quantum fluctuation, virtual particles popping in and out of existence.