“Was not their mistake once more bred of the life of slavery that they had been living?—a life which was always looking upon everything, except mankind, animate and inanimate—‘nature,’ as people used to call it—as one thing, and mankind as another, it was natural to people thinking in this way, that they should try to make ‘nature’ their slave, since they thought ‘nature’ was something outside them” — William Morris

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

UVa Objects Conference Schedule

UVA English Graduate Conference 2013
“Subject to Change: Nature, Text, and the Limits of the Human”
Friday - Sunday . March 22-24
Monroe Hall

Official Schedule

**All room numbers refer to rooms in Monroe Hall, unless specifically noted otherwise

Friday, March 22

2:00 pm . Registration opens (Monroe Hall lobby)

3:00-4:15 . Panels (1)

            1a. Room 116: “Stars, Sex, and Signs: Articulating Renaissance Materialism(s)”
William Rhodes, “Speculative Allegories”
Liz Steinway, “Complicating Chastity: Elizabeth I and Ermines in Book III of The
Faerie Queene
Aaron Greenberg, “Life and Death Matters in the Renaissance”

1b. Room 134: “Poems and Things”
Mande Zecca, “The Combined Refraction of Everything Else: John Ashbery’s
Joe Albernaz, “William Blake’s Apocalyptic Ontology: An Encounter Between
Blake and Object-Oriented Philosophy”
Kevin Holden , “Allotropic Series (Poetics, Ontology, Emergence)”
Tyler Babbie & Kateyln Kenderish, “Anthologizing the Landscape: Poetics of
Plants and Places”

4:30-5:45 . Panels (2)

            2a. Room 116: “Human/Animal”
T. Nodin De Saillan, “Becoming-Other, More, Same : The Human-Other Alliance
and the Search for Identity in Haruki Murakami’s Kafka on the Shore
Ashley Faulkner, “Beastly Queer: The Unmanly Woolf”
Sharon Kunde, “Slimed!: Meshy Baptisms in Elizabeth Bishop’s ‘At the
Erica Schauer, “The Human Animal and the Polite Physicality in fin-de-siècle

6:00 . Keynote Address by Professor Timothy Morton (Rice University)
           “The Dark Side of the Household Object”
            Monroe Hall, Room 130

9:30 . Conference Bar Night at Zocalo (on the Downtown Mall)

Saturday, March 23

8:00 am . Registration opens (Monroe Hall lobby)

9:00-10:15 . Panels (3)
            3a. Room 124: “Conspicuous Object Consumption”
Harriet Calver, “Reality effects: Graham Greene’s Insincere Accessories”
                        Grace Tirapelle, “A Blueprint for Health: Spa Architecture and the Construction
of Middle-Class Subjectivity in The Road to Wellville
                        Whitney DeVos, “Stilettos of Meat: Agency and the Ur-Fetish in Lara Glenum’s
‘Sign of the Goat [Icky’s Song]’”

            3b. Room 134: “Ecopoetics”
                        Michelle Menting, “Residence Time—The Memory of Water: Poems”
                        John Trevathan, “The Mouth of Literature: Experimental Ecological Poetry in
                        Amanda Montei, “Transcorporeality & Ecological Critique in Hannah Weiner’s
The Fast
Kaushik Viswanath, “Animating the Inanimate: An Ecological Reading of Arun
Kolatkar’s Poetry”
10:30-11:45 . Panels (4)

4a. Room 124: “The Romantic Corpus”
            Jonathan Kerr, “‘throwing words away’: Lyrical Ballads and the Failure of
Enlightenment Anthropology”
                        Jacob Hughes, “Spontaneous Overflow: Wordsworth, Byron, and the Borders of
the Romantic Human”
                        Megan Quinn, “‘a thing such as even Dante could not have conceived’: The Word,
the Animal Body, and the Thing in Frankenstein and Transformation”
                        Adam Neikirk, “The ‘Inspired Charity-Boy’: Coleridge as Strange Stranger”

            4b. Room 134: “Writing at the End, Life at the Limits”
                        Jacqueline A. Kellish, “‘What thou seest, is thyself’: Knowledge, Transcendence
and the Unity of Man and Nature in Radi Os”
                        Gary Grieve-Carlson, “‘No Greek will be able / to discriminate my body’: Charles
Olson’s Objectism and the Decentering of the Human Subject”
                        Kieran Quinlan, “Walker Percy, the Three Huxleys, and the Challenges of
Posthuman Subjectivity”
                        Christina Thyssen, “Post-traumatic McCarthy”

10:30 . Rare Book School Workshop
             “The Lives of Books: Methods for Interpreting the Publication and Reception of Texts”
(meet in the lobby of Alderman Library; participation by prior arrangement only)

12:00 pm . Recess for Lunch

1:30-2:45 . Panels (5)

            5a. Room 124: “Bodies Without End: Text and Flesh”
                        Ann M. Mazur, “Props in Victorian Parlour Plays: The Periperformative Object”
                        Barbora Novosadová, “Medium as an Extension of Human: Boundaries of the
                        Jeroen Nieuwland, “Hybrid Contingencies: Entanglements of Expression, Text,
and Bodies in Conceptual Poetry”
                        João Paulo Guimarães, “Malleable Bodies and Unreadable Beings: Eduardo Kac
and Leslie Scalapino’s Poetics of Unnaming”

            5b. Room 134: “Modeling Texts In and Out of History”
                        Nathan D. Frank, “Breeding Monsters Out of Nature: How Pedagogy of Inversion
Transforms Humanity in Diderot and Beyond”
                        Brad Baumgartner, “Apophatic Inorganicism: A Consideration of Thomas Ligotti
and Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite”
                        Sand Avidar-Walzer, “Fragments and Scholia: Notes for a Darwinian History of
                        Ted Scheinman, “Didaxis, Translation, and the ‘Natural’ in the Georgics:
Virgil & Dryden Under Fire”

3:00-4:15 . Panels (6)

            6a. Room 124: “Life in Light of Science: Enlightenment Legacies”
                        Joe Fletcher, “Dead Souls: Priestley, Swedenborg, and the Challenge of
                        Adam Jason Miller, “Explaining the Supernatural: Radcliffe, Realism, and the
Ends of Science”
                        Lynn Cowles, “Playing Dress-Up: Scriblerian Satire on the Metaphysics of
Identity and Human Nature”
                        Elizabeth Bernath, “The Aesthetics of Scientific Alterity in Frankenstein

            6b. Room 134: “The Language and Politics of OOO”
                        Luther Cobbey, “VOO Do Ethics?  What Could a Verb-Oriented Ontology Do for
                        Justin Butler, “Objects, Poetics, Genetics: Thinking Codes and Rapports in Life
and Non-Life”
                        Abigail Lowe, “Common wealth and Common form: The Ethical Project of
Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri”
                        Callum Ingram, “Democrats in Space: Critical Geography and Material Efficacy”

4:30-6:00 . Masterclass (Bruce Holsinger in conversation with Timothy Morton)
       “When Sacred Texts Collide”
        Room 130

6:00-8:00 . Reception in the Colonnade Club (Pavilion VII on the Lawn)

Sunday , March 24

8:00 am . Registration opens (Monroe Hall lobby)

9:00-10:15 . Panels (7)

            7a. Room 124: “Complicating Separation: Human and Non-Human Others”
                        Valerie Henry, “Condemning Evidence: The Legal Life of Objects in A Passage to
                        Angela Aliff, “The Senses Subvert: Kingsolver’s Avoidance of the Gaze in Prodigal
                        Angela Passafaro, “Anthropocentric Imperialism and the Formation of the
Colonizer in Tarzan of the Apes

            7b. Room 134: “Making Bodies: The Human Machine”
                        Carlo Negri, “Posthuman, (Still) Too Human. Deleuze and the Posthuman
Subject: A Critical Comparison”
                        Wesley Dalton, “Falling Apart: Bodily Disintegration and Posthumanity in J.G.
Ballard’s Crash
                        Scott Sundvall, “Prostechnics: The Originary Coupling of Prosthesis and
Technesis in Three Brief Acts”
                        Tereza Klimešová, “Objectifying Ourselves”

10:30-11:45 . Panels (8)

            8a. Room 124: “Resonance and Reinvention”
                        Kenneth Lota, “How to Turn a Tragedy into a Comedy, and How to Turn a
Tragedy into More of a Tragedy: Christopher Moore’s Fool and Peter
Brook’s King Lear
                        Victor Szabo, “Twilight Music, Resonant Records”
                        Brandon Walsh, “Sound Thinking: Narrative as Audible Event in Ulysses and

            8b. Room 134: “Nature in Modernity: Reckoning the Anthropocene”
                        Jason Eversman, “Locating the Anthropos in the Anthropocene: Class Struggle &
Climate Change”
                        Stephanie Bernhard, “Literature and the Tone of Climate Change”
                        Ted Howell, “Make it Noö(sphere): Modernism and the Anthropocene”
                        Rob Welch, “The Natural Tools of Romanticism: The Reworking of Barren
Ground for Utility”

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