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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Worst Signoff Ever Devised

“Best.” It means “Best wishes, but I can't be bothered to type six letters, so not really best wishes.” It is like ending your email with a splat of Vaseline or Marmite. Or a googly eyed face that turns out to be on a middle finger raised in insult.

As I learned at school and still practice, there is a sequence of signoffs. It goes:

Yours faithfully [which you keep if you are talking to Gandhi or other luminary who is truly cool]
Yours sincerely
With best wishes

“Best.” It's a sonic and social splat. No wonder we all hate one another.


Alicia said...

I always sign off "Best." Thank you for this, I see you are so right!

All the best to you, Alicia

Roger Whitson said...

Absolutely. I always hated best. I use "sincerely." One of my ex's always signed her emails "indubitably," which sounded a little pompous to me.