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Friday, October 19, 2012

Final Statements: Biopolitics Liveblog 8

Do we have closing statements?

Tim: Pleasure as closure, destruction, death. Ecological awareness is aperture. This is the beginning of human history.

Kim: Crisis needs to be named: vulnerability. Those who are most vulnerable are indeed in crisis. There is a place for a language of crisis.

Becky: Crisis narratives can be tied into social control. What crisis talk misses is the long term violence.

Sara: This was our conversation about regulation. Confusion of whether or not to regulate. And for whom. 

Kim: To be mindful is to be mindful. Time matters. To inflect our thought with time is necessary.

Q: To limit uncertainty we confuse the chronic and the acute.

Joshua: I want to take Kim's side. Freaking out about acting too hastily is the academy and corporate headquarters. They will do anything to defer action. Is there a good or a bad version of not being hasty? I'm not sure that's a true account of the world. There is probably a deficiency of willingness to act. EarthFirst! and ELF are good.

Juliana: I'm slightly bewildered! Many things confuse me. Many big terms. The interesting thing about ecological stuff, there is a clarity. It is an issue, a problem. The more it gets muddy, the more I feel weird about it. I don't know what to say other than that. It will be tough. EarthFirst! and ELF have been hugely powerful.

Q: Back to pleasure.

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