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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hyperobjects Liveblog 22

38 000 words. I'm not even sure how they happened. I seemed to do almost no writing at all today, though perhaps that's just a relative effect of having written so much at the weekend. Nevertheless, I'm close to the 40 000.

So far no Zeno's paradoxes are manifesting, which gave me a little anxiety at about 25 000 words. The writing at this stage is remarkably different though. It seems to be split into two: housecleaning and new insights.

My general strategy is to go through the book adding a sentence or two here, some extra thoughts on an existing idea there. All of a sudden, I'll find myself writing a totally new thought. There is a real cut between these two sorts of process that didn't happen until now. Pretty much up until about 30 000 words I was just pouring out what I already knew.

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