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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Realist Magic Liveblog 4

67 000 words. Ah, people have gone out shopping, and I can put on Wolves in the Throne Room's new album with impunity and get back to working on this edit of Realist Magic. The first note already has me enthralled.

I have open my blog, as I wrote a lot of posts on the project that I'd like to incorporate somehow. And my database. Who else uses a database to take notes? Not Excel for heaven's sake, I use Filemaker Pro, and the database is now about 25mb in size, having been writing notes in it since 1995. It's very handy. This is good advice actually, for a Ph.D: stop using word files and that crappy search function between files. Bundle everything into Filmaker. You can now embed Word files, images, web pages directly into it.

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