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Friday, December 10, 2010

Spicy Nuggets of OOO

In answering a query from Ian Bogost I discovered yet more evidence of my latent OOO tendencies. This time it's from The Poetics of Spice (Cambridge UP, 2000):

The study of the literary and cultural representation of consumption and the commodity provides new ways of thinking about orientalism and colonialism, which are often construed through a psychoanalytic discourse of ‘Self’ and ‘Other’. This history of the subject can be expanded with histories of the object in colonial and orientalist texts.

The first draft was a bit ruder about postcolonial studies, which at the time was mired in identity politics. It's from a chapter on sugar.

Then it became popular to replace The Fascinating History of Mr. Charles Dickens with The Fascinating History of the Potato and I got out of food studies. Le plus ca change...

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